Estalagem de Marvão

Mercearia de Marvão

An welcoming open door full of Alentejo identity

Who we are

A family company who chose Marvão to live and work, but above all, believes that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and for that reason, is happy to show it and share it. 

Well prepared thechnically, we make a clear commitment to quality, to what is genuine and unique.

Our mission is to provide you an authentic experience. 

We are open

Mondays to Saturdays from  9 to 13 and 14 until 18

Sundays from 9 to 13


Reproduction of an old grocery store, týpical of Alentejo villages, where not only regional products are sold, but also food/goods necessary for the day-to-day life of a community, anda also small souvenirs.

Certain spaces as well as certain products, tell us stories about a particular community, about their experiences and their common identity.

Mercearia de Marvão intention is to value products that have survived time and mass consumption, provide an outlet for regional production and reveal Marvão as a brand and as a touristic product. 

In the backgroud there is always the ideia of service to the local community and not just for tourists

The location

Located at Rua do Espírito Santo nº1, close to Praça do Pelourinho and Câmara Velha , in the beginning of the street that leads to the castle, the building has, on its ground floor , the typical “loja” of Marvão’s houses. 

Not knowing the antiquity of the property and the works that have been carried out over time, we know, however, that in the middle of the last century the Casa do Povo was located here, thus constituting the building, an important public space.


In addition to the “Mercearia de Marvão” branded products (Catarina Catita handicrafts, t-shirts, postcards, notebooks, magnets, bookmarks, etc.)  Mercearia’s point of honor is the sale of local  products , natural or processed with the raw materials existing in the region:


The regional production is also well represented. Here are some  local brands:

We post and ship, just write to and we will tell you all about it!

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Estalagem de Marvão

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