Estalagem de Marvão

To discover Marvão

History is full of contradictions, it is because here life moved slowly that  Marvão has, as a whole, a unique architectural heritage. Full of mountains, valleys and meadows between wild and stony terrain.

A rocky ridge like this, touching the sky, always served as a defensive stronghold for warriors lost in the mist of time.

And always intoxicated with pure air and wide views whoever climbed it. 

From these dark times emerges the romanesque figure of a Islam knigh, named Ibn Maruan ( 9th century), who used this castellated crag as a refuge, giving is name to the town

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Marvão inside the walls

The old town was born along  the path that led to the castle. It is for this reason that Portas da Vila is facing SE and then Rua das Portas da Vila, Praça do Pelourinho, Rua do Espírito Santo and Rua do Castelo are the richest in architectural heritage.

Here, the traditional architecture stands out, with an appreciable decoration of the doorways and windows.

The Castle has two interconnected patios and a monumental cistern that can be visited. The urban walls completely frame the village. 

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The Convent of Nossa Senhora da Estrela

The first gothic buildings, in Portugal, arrived throught the Mendicant Orders.  The franciscan convent of Nossa Senhora da Estrela is in this sequence.

Established in 1448 and associated with the “apparition” of a Virgin, it was built, within the Gotic style.

In front of the portal there is a “Manueline” cross, from the 16th century, made of marble, with a twisted column and a carved capital.

The Convent of Nossa Senhora da Estrela houses the image of the patron saint of the council, with the same name. Visiting this space  allows you to discover the legends and religious beliefs of Marvanenses throught out history. 


The walking routes

There are several sinalized walking routs in Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede. 

The  one that starts in Marvão goes down by the medieval  path leading to the small village of Portagem , the one in Galegos, surrounds Marvão by the border with Spain using old smuggling routes,  but there are many others.

You can (and should!) discover Marvão walking, immersed in nature and tranquility.


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